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Supplemental insurance Plans

Be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. You've heard these old sayings for years, but have you taken the time to heed their wisdom? When you experience unexpected illness or injury, you owe it to yourself and your family to be prepared - and more importantly, to be protected. At The Compass Business Group, we believe that protecting your family from life's more challenging surprises is critical. That's why we provide supplemental insurance products that allow you to rest easy and enjoy all that life has to offer. Our supplemental plans pay benefits directly to our policyholders to help manage financial necessities that arise along the way. Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Accidents, and ICU stays can happen at any moment. We make sure that during any of those trying times you have cash in your pocket to focus on what is most important that at time: the health of a family member, not money.*

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides the ultimate protection for your family, easing financial burdens for your loved ones in the event of your premature death. We've designed two plans that allow you to secure your family's future. One plan is designed for adults, while the other is designed to protect the important child(ren) in your life. Both plans share similar features.*


  • SIMPLIFIED underwriting with NO medical exam required.

  • Coverage is available in a variety of face amounts with immediate full face value.

  • Rapid policy issue means that your coverage is effective immediately.

  • Convenient billing, which includes automatic monthly deductions from your checking or savings account.

  • Cash value that builds and can be used in the future for your family's financial needs.

Return of Premium

Our products also feature a Money-Back Feature. That means when a policyholder stays healthy and doesn't need to use the policy all the premiums are refunded! This way even when you don't need the insurance you still win. The only way you lose is if you need it and don't have it. Don't you wish all insurance was that way?*

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*This insurance may not be available in all states and where available, benefits will vary. Please see your Insurance Representative for cost and complete details including any exclusions and limitations that may affect your benefits.